03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024
03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024

5 MINUTES WITH... Sophie Bratt

Meet the Bar Manager of Nobu Bar, Portman Square

Where in London do you live? 
I live in Hackney - which is a long way from my bar, but I enjoy the distance. 
Plus the travel means I see even more of the city. 

Which bars do you like to spend time in when you’re not working? 
I enjoy a trip to west London to The Distillery on Portobello Road to see Jake Burger. I would still count him as my mentor. He taught me to make my first cocktail - a Manhattan. No jiggers - just counting the ‘glugs’. 
If I’m staying closer to home - Seed Library at 100 Shoreditch is wonderful or Home Bar on Ravey Street. You never know what might happen when you pop by there. Danger!

What drinks are you seeing being ordered a lot at the moment?
We’re serving a lot of agave cocktails right now - even tequila and soda as a highball. Such a simple drink but people are obviously really appreciating the flavour of the agave. And then of course Martinis - they’re really having a moment. We have a new style of service for them at Nobu - it arrives in a mini shaker and you pour it yourself at the table. There’s a trio of mini garnishes that comes with it - super cute. 

And do you think London is the cocktail capital of the world? 
I do - the community here is unbelievable. When I first moved here eleven years ago it felt so big but the bar community makes it feel much more manageable. Making friends, sharing ideas and so many amazing venues to explore. We’re so lucky.

Sophie appears in our advertising on the London Underground.
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Nobu Bar Portman Square is part of London Cocktail Week’s Curated Cocktail Tours - serving an £8 Signature Cocktail to wristband wearers.