03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024
03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024


How do you take your Martini? Using gin or vodka… Shaken or stirred… With an olive or twist… A Vesper, Gibson, 50/50 or even a perfect Martini? When it comes to this elegant and iconic classic gin cocktail - the possibilities are gloriously endless. If you’re looking for a marvellous Martini recipe, the award-winning Connaught Bar’s version is always guaranteed to cause a stir!

Maura Lawrence Milia, The Connaught Martini

We've persuaded some of London's best bartenders to open their recipe books and tell us how to make some of their most-loved cocktails. This time The Connaught Bar have kindly shared the recipe for their perfectly balanced Martini - so any gin lovers can now make it at home!

The Connaught Bar is one of the most iconic bars in London - regularly winning awards and widely considered to be the leading hotel bar in the world. So who better to go to for the ultimate Martini recipe, then the Bar Manager of The Connaught Bar, Maura Lawrence Milia.


Connaught Classic Martini

75ml Gin or Vodka (the team recommends their house-distilled Connaught Bar Gin)
15ml Dry Vermouth
3 drops Bitters (In The Connaught Bar, you can choose from tonka, cardamom, lavender, ginseng & bergamot or coriander)

To prepare, put a Martini glass in the freezer to ensure it is really cold.
Pour the gin and vermouth into a mixing glass with lots of ice and stir for at least 30 seconds - until it is ice cold and you can feel the condensation come through the glass.
Remove the prepared glass from the freezer, drop the bitters into the glass and then strain in your ice cold Martini.


“The great thing about the Connaught Martini is that every single time we make it, it’s like the first one. The Connaught Martini is all about the interaction and synergy we create with our guests, as we want them to feel part of the experience. It’s a show put in place just for them” - Maura Lawrence Milia