03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024
03 - 13 OCTOBER 2024

Introducing : The Seat At The Bar

For bartenders only - book The Seat At The Bar.

We all know there’s a barstool which - if you’re an industry professional - is the best seat in the house for interacting with the team behind the stick and expanding your knowledge by watching them work. 


This is an incredible chance to pre-book that very seat and guarantee that spot, with the full team aware that you’re a working professional - there to soak up as much information as possible. 


This isn’t a freebie - you’ll still need to pay for the drinks you order. But booking The Seat at The Bar is an immediate ice breaker and community builder.  It will give young bartenders from around the world a chance to meet the host team and get first hand experience of how they work, without the need for that awkward “I’m a bartender too” chat - especially important for the shy, or those without English as a first language! 


From the bar’s point of view - it’s as simple as making the best positioned barstool available to book via a direct email. Again - this isn’t a freebie - bartenders booking these seats will be expecting to pay for their drinks - although tiny tasters of tinctures or interesting liquids that the team are working with during shift would no doubt be well received. It will be pre-book only, requiring the bartender to show proof that they are a working bartender (and not a brand rep or enthusiastic amateur). If they do not arrive for their reservation within a set amount of time it, of course, can be passed onto another customer ensuring the seat isn’t wasted.



We've hand-selected a small group of bars to be part of  "The Seat at The Bar" in its inaugural year.
Each of these venues have been chosen for their renowned service, operations and teams. 

Just email your chosen bar below to request a reservation. 
Make sure you include "London Cocktail Week - Seat At The Bar" in the email subject. 

Please note - this may not be available at all times, but the bars involved will do their best to accommodate you. 

This opportunity is available to working bartenders only and based on availability. You will be asked for proof of employment as a bartender. 


American Bar at The Savoy - [email protected]

Artesian at The Langham - [email protected]

Lyaness - DM @lyanessbar on Instagram

Satan's Whiskers (available Wednesday 18th, 5pm-8pm) - [email protected]

Seed Library - DM @seedlibraryshoreditch on Instagram

Soma, Soho - [email protected]

Swift, Borough - [email protected]

Three Sheets - [email protected]