12 - 22 OCTOBER 2023

Why you should buy a wristband!

A festival wristband is your key to the city. It's your badge of honour, your membership card and your not-so-secret signal that you are part of the world's biggest celebration of cocktail culture in the greatest city we know.

Once you have your wristband - you can visit any of the bars participating in the festivals - flash it to the bar staff and they will make you their Signature Cocktail that they have created especially for London Cocktail Week. We always work with hundreds of bars for the festival, which is a lot! And that's a lot of delicious drinks made especially with you in mind!

Getting your wristband is really easy...

1) Once you’ve bought a ticket online - you’ll receive confirmation from Design My Night - our ticketing partner. 

2) On your first bar visit - simply activate your ticket (via the email from Design My Night) in front of one of the bar staff. 

3) They'll then hand over one of our wristbands and you're good to go go go!

All our partnering venues have a good supply of wristbands and whether you're collecting just your own or the whole group you're out with - they’re prepped for what to look for.  

You only have to do this once - once you’ve got your wristband it's yours for the duration of the festival! 

And while we’re talking about it - yes we know you'll be wearing it for a while - so these are easy to wash, sanitise or boil-wash if you had a late one - AND they’re recyclable.

See you at the bar!