12 - 22 OCTOBER 2023

Stoli® Vodka Releasing Glow-In-The-Dark Bottle

Stoli Group is pleased to announce the release of a new limited-edition bottle of Stoli® Vodka across the UK, with associated new “Fizz Collection” cocktail recipes.

The stunning and colourful bottle (pictured at the end of this document), part of Stoli’s ongoing Liberate Your Spirit campaign, is designed by award-winning artist, designer and creative Jason Naylor. 

“The new design celebrates the essence of our brand purpose – diversity and freedom to be oneself,” commented Damian McKinney, Global CEO, Stoli Group. “We are thrilled that Jason Naylor has brought our vision to life.”  

Bold, bright and optimistic, the bottle displays inspirational words of love, kindness, equalityand peace. The powerful messages and multicoloured bottle are deliberately a beacon of joy, standing in stark contrast to the austerity and uncertainty of 2022.  

More than ever, it is essential to champion everyone’s rights, and Stoli Group’s Liberate Your Spirit campaign seeks to amplify authentic voices by encouraging creativity and self-expression.  

To complement the limited-edition glow-in-the-dark bottle launch, Stoli Group is also releasing a brand-new drinks collection. The series features four new colourful cocktail recipes that consumers can recreate at home or enjoy in bars.  

The new “Fizz Collection” includes two fizz drinks and two mules (distinctive vodka cocktails that include ginger beer and lime juice and deliver a strong kick – hence the “mule” name) that have been inspired by the keywords of the campaign (love, kindness, equality and peace).    

Mules have for a long time been a classic signature cocktail for Stoli, and with this new bottle it is launching these recipes that are easy to replicate at home and in bars.   


Recipes and Fizz Collection details here:  www.stoli.com.  

The limited edition bottle will be widely available in the UK from early October, and is also available in over 30 countries around the world at the same price as a regular Stoli Premium bottle.   In addition to being available from leading supermarkets (such as Tesco and Waitrose) and numerous online drinks platforms, it will also be presented at various music festivals and events, including: 

  • Naked City Festival – 10 September 
  • Black Coffee Festival – 10 September 
  • Hospitality in the Woods – 17-18 September 
  • Boiler Room Festival – 17 September 
  • Overflo Festival – 18 September 
  • London Cocktail Week – 13-23 October 


The Jason Naylor Night Edition bottle is the third limited edition themed bottle Stoli has released in the UK in 2022, the others were: 

  • Spring 2022 – Ukraine limited edition, with proceeds going to World Central Kitchen’s operations feeding refugees and other displaced people from the Ukraine conflict. 
  • Summer 2022 – Harvey Milk limited edition, with proceeds going to LGBTQ causes. 

Stoli supports people under oppressive situations.  For the past 10 years it has supported the LGBTQ+ community with numerous initiatives, and additionally this year, in response to the Ukraine crisis, the Ukrainian people.