Nightjar Carnaby X Bear Brooksbank

The latest venue from the Speakeasy Entertainment team have partnered with the East London jewellery designer to create three opulent ‘Cocktail Rings’ inspired by Grand Marnier to celebrate London Cocktail Week

Nightjar Carnaby have partnered with renowned East London jeweller Bear Brooksbank to create three bespoke ‘Cocktail Rings’ inspired by Grand Marnier to celebrate London Cocktail Week. The rings, which will be unveiled at an exclusive event with live performances on Thursday 13th October, have been paired with five limited edition cocktails that will be available throughout London Cocktail Week (13th - 23rd October). 

During the prohibition era, ‘Cocktail Rings’ were a staple of opulence and freedom for women in a time of hedonism and social change. In honour of these ‘New Women of the Jazz Age’ - who sipped cocktails at Gatsby-esque gatherings and flaunted their oversized gemstones - Nightjar have collaborated with luxurious East London jewellery designer Bear Brooksbank to create three bespoke cocktail rings inspired by Grand Marnier. 

The rings will be paired with five equally unique cocktails, created by the multi-award-winning Nightjar team, which will be available at Nightjar Carnaby and Nightjar Shoreditch throughout London Cocktail week:


Grand Fizz £7

Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, palomino sherry, coconut Rum, feijoa wine, grapefruit & bergamot tonic 


Grand Brandy Cocktail £14

Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre, chinato vermouth, 10yo Tawny port, coffee liqueur


Moon D’Orange £14

Grand Marnier, Nightjar forbidden fruit liqueur, absinthe, fresh grapefruit juice, Champagne


Lapostole Crusta £12

Grand Marnier, cognac V.S, baked vanilla pumpkin liqueur, fresh lemon juice


Corpse Reviver 1880 (No.1) £12

Grand Marnier, calvados, smokey Nightjar wine, fresh lemon juice


On the opening night of London Cocktail Week (Thursday 13th October), Nightjar Carnaby will unveil the cocktail rings in a special display where guests will be able to book reservations to come in and try the limited edition cocktail selection and take pictures with the rings. An evening of live music will commence from 9 PM - late. 


What’s more, throughout London Cocktail Week (between 13th - 20th October), guests who visit the venue and try a cocktail of their choice from the special menu and take an image with the cocktail rings will automatically be enrolled for the chance to win one of the beautiful rings at the end of the week. 


The grand finale will take place on Thursday 20th October, with Nightjar Carnaby host a special ‘Late Night Burlesque Show’ ending the week in true art deco style from 10:50 PM ‘till late.