01-31 October 2021

What is the LCW Warm-Up?

With restrictions finally lifting and the world edging back towards normality - we felt we all deserved a little something extra!

We were so proud to run London Cocktail Week in 2020. We managed the full month without a single lock down. Since the festival ended (at 10pm! Pft!) on 31 October 2020 - we've barely been allowed out and so we thought - wouldn't it be nice to do something to celebrate the restrictions finally lifting? 

And for us - that can mean only one thing - a MINI FESTIVAL! 

As with everything we do - we wanted the London Cocktail Week Warm-Up to be meaningful and so for this sneak peek at the main event - we've chosen only the venues that have suffered the most from a summer reopening. 

The 30 venues taking part in the Warm-Up have no outside space, aren't part of a hotel or restaurant and don't have an 'activity' to entice you in. These are the bars on our list that are the most clandestine, those that are well below ground, the dark and gloriously dingy haunts that epitomise London's cocktail culture - and are maybe not necessarily everyone's choice on a balmy summer night. Under the roadmap of reopening - these guys have been closed the longest and so we thought - what a chance to show them some love.

And the best bit!? If you buy your wristband now, it's also valid in October. No catch. Just an extra week free, on us - as a welcome back to the industry that we love. 

The Warm-Up Cocktail Tours will happen in 30 of the very best hidden bars in London who will be throwing open their doors and welcoming those with a festival wristband. Cocktail prices have increased to £7 but we all know this is still outstanding value in a city like ours, in bars like these. 

Wristbands are £15 and once you have one, you have the full week PLUS 31 days (and nights) in October to explore the city - venture to new neighbourhoods or maybe discover your new favourite local. You only need the one wristband for both events and if you're out with friends - they all need one too to enjoy the discounted drinks. 

This is a stripped-back version of what is coming in October so we've vetoed events for this Warm-Up. In September we'll release the timetable for the main event which will be jam packed of all the usual tastings, dinners, parties and pop-ups. Til then - get yourself back to the bars! 

Wristbands are on sale NOW and are available to collect once the Warm-Up starts from any one of the participating bars