See you next year - October 2021
London Cocktail Week

Jack Daniel’s And Friends Takeover

A month long take over at this brand new indoor / outdoor venue in Shoreditch.

We at London Cocktail Week HQ are of the firm opinion that you can never have too much fun. It’s just - not possible. 'Bring on the fun' we are oft heard to say. 

Which is why, when we heard about the Jack Daniel’s And Friends takeover of London Shuffle Club in Shoreditch especially for London Cocktail Week, featuring limited edition drinks and the most addictive of all the bar games - shuffleboard - we felt really pleased.

Because what’s better than delicious £6 cocktails and the chance to support London’s hospitality industry? Well - all of the above with a side helping of extra F.U.N.

This immersive pop-up is serving limited edition drinks including the £6 hero cocktail, Black Gold, featuring Slane Irish Whiskey and Minor Figures Nitro Cold Brew, plus the Plum Jack, made with the one and only Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and the LSC Royale, a slushie version of Chambord and sparkling wine that is sure to be a crowd pleaser, plus many more. Enjoy a pizza and cocktail from the bullet-like silver airstream on the heated terrace, and look out for whiskey tastings on select Sundays in the hidden bar, not to mention a banging brunch.

There’s a whole month to perfect your Shuffleboard skills - although if you are planning to play - booking is advised so choose your five favourites and get your shuffle on!