See you next year - October 2021
London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week At Home

For the first time - The £6 Cocktail Tours can come to you and what's more - we've gone national... something to celebrate for sure!

Right back in April when we started prepping this year’s festival - we knew that an At Home element was going to be necessary. We imagined some of our loyal festival goers not feeling confident to come back to the bars or travel through Central London, but we certainly did not expect that we would all be tucked up safely at home before usually kicking out time… !!

Anyway - you've probably guessed, but we love a positive spin and so we are so delighted and proud to be partnering with our friends at The Drinks Drop, A Covid-19 initiative that truly works to support the hospitality industry by  giving money back to the bars that provide the recipes, employing out of work bartenders and generally taking really good care of the quality of liquid that arrives at your door. 

This year - in partnership with The Drinks Drop we have hand-picked over THIRTY VENUES who will have their London Cocktail Week Signature Serve available for the usual £6 but this time - delivered straight to your home. Or office. No judgement. It’s been a tough year. 

If you live in London and order pre 3pm - it’s same-day delivery by bartenders on bikes but if you’re NOT in London - we’ve got you covered too as it’s next-day nationwide delivery through the letterbox. 

Meaning for the first time in a decade London Cocktail Week has gone... NATIONAL! 

With drinks from award-winning venues such as Coupette, Nine Lives, Hacha and Blue Bar at The Berkeley  - you can cherrypick your perfect continuation of The Cocktail Tours for after 10pm or try drinks from venues on the other side of London. OR if you’re looking for some inspiration we’ve created some World Class collections, allowing you to bring the best bars in London to life from the comfort of your living room. These fab cocktail packages take drinking at home to the next level - complete with Google Cardboard VR headsets (compatible with any smartphone) so you can virtually watch the bartender serve you your drink, as well as a Spotify playlist to recreate the bar's atmosphere perfectly! 

  • London Cocktail Week At Home will launch on The Drinks Drop on Thursday 01 October
  • Nationwide delivery includes six cocktails of your choice. 
  • Same day delivery can be for smaller orders. 
  • A (not extortionate) delivery fee applies.
  • Proceeds from each cocktail go directly back to the relevant bar. Yet again friends - Every Cocktail Counts.

And if you’d like to have your London Cocktail Week wristband delivered - that’s also possible. The bartenders on bikes will bring them too! Hoorah!