EXTENDED : 01 - 31 OCTOBER 2020
London Cocktail Week

Faces of the Festival - Andrei Marcu

Andrei Marcu, originally from Bucharest, Romania, has been working in hospitality for ten years and is currently behind the bar at Coupette on Bethnal Green Road.

1) NAME Andrei Marcu

2) AGE - 25

3) PLACE OF WORK Coupette 

4) HOME TOWNBucharest, Romania

5) TIME IN HOSPO – 10 years

One night I was on the floor and my colleague from behind the bar came and asked me swap positions with him for a while.

When I asked why he said that there is a guy on his own in front of his station that he was trying to chat with that he could not crack - just couldn't get him to talk, which he found very weird. We swapped spots. I made this gentleman a drink and also tried to talk with him. He wasn’t very chatty but from our limited interaction I realized he was into food and restaurants.

So I changed the subject to that and he got excited and actually didn't stop talking. At the end of the night he introduced himself and he ended up being Rafael Osterling, one of the very best chefs in Peru. It was such a memorable moment as I am such a big fan of his restaurants and didn't even release it was him - I was just more concerned with him having a nice time at my bar.