EXTENDED : 01 - 31 OCTOBER 2020
London Cocktail Week

Faces of the Festival - Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne

Festival co-owners and organisers Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne are first up in the Faces of the Festival series - celebrating the wonderful humans behind the incredible cocktail industry.

Hannah Sharman-Cox and Siobhan Payne are the co-owners and organisers of London Cocktail Week - you may have seen them behind the desk in the Seven Dials pop-ups or running around the Cocktail Village with a walkie-talkie. Here they describe their feelings around putting the festival on this year. 


"When we celebrated our tenth anniversary London Cocktail Week in 2019, we really didn’t think anything would top it. We partied at our Cocktail Village with our nearest and dearest, drank delicious cocktails, danced with drag queens and truly celebrated the journey to double figures. We assumed 2020 would continue much as it had before, but like the rest of the world - we couldn’t have been more wrong. And we knew pretty early on that we had an obligation to the hospitality trade to forge ahead with the festival even when we couldn’t even imagine its format. ⁠

So - we’ve made it longer, we’ve recruited even more amazing bar partners and we’ve worked round the clock with our brand partners. We’ve called the mayor’s office, we’ve called journalists, we’ve called high profile business owners. And we’ve asked for more help, guidance and support than we have ever before to make sure that we showcase our industry in the very best light at the worst time that we can remember. ⁠

One of the things we decided was important was using our platform to celebrate the wonderful humans behind this incredible industry, which is huge, and glorious, with so many people working behind the scenes.

Yes bartenders. Yes floor staff. But hospitality is just so much more. Some of the job titles are inconceivably fun and some of the job roles and responsibilities are surprisingly huge. Our people are pre-planning what you’ll drink next summer. Our people are creating liquids you can’t even conceive yet. And our people really really care that you have a good time. We’ll be introducing you to lots of them over the next few months as part of our Faces of The Festival campaign!"


This year, more than ever - #EVERYCOCKTAILCOUNTS