EXTENDED : 01 - 31 OCTOBER 2020
London Cocktail Week


While this has certainly not been an easy time for our bar partners, the spirit of hospitality is hard to quash and many of our good friends have immediately sprung into action and started bottling and delivering cocktails to thirsty Londoners and beyond.

We’ve been so fortunate to try so many so here’s our run down of the best if you’re looking to have a delicious libation delivered straight to your door...

Drinks Drop - single serve and absolutely delicious with a weekly changing menu from some of the best bars in London and also - around the world. These perfectly blended cocktails are available for delivery Thursday - Saturday and arrive ice cold and ready to go. 

Cocktail Porter - if you are keen to flex your mixing skills - the ‘they’ve-thought-of-everything’ kids at Cocktail Porter have you covered. With a whole bottle of spirit along with all the other ingredients to make an Espresso Martini, Negroni or many others. 

Mirror Margarita - what better cocktail to order for home delivery than the one officially voted by industry experts as the best cocktail in the UK last year - the Mirror Margarita by the experts at Hacha in Dalston! You can choose between a Tequila Mirror Margarita or a Mezcal Mirror Margarita (or one of each?!) - and now they’ve added a Luxury Agave Spirit Tasting Flight to the menu so you can really go all out. 

Heads, Hearts & Tails At Home - We were absolutely delighted when the chaps at Heads Hearts and Tails announced they were offering cocktail delivery - you may recognise these guys because they run a lot of the bars you’ll have experienced at London Cocktail Week. They’re offering a brilliant menu of twists on classics - and they’ll even deliver the ice! 

Tails - Tails were one of the companies pre-batching cocktails long before the Coronavirus outbreak - so they REALLY know what they’re doing. Alongside classic cocktails for you to shake up at home (we tried the Espresso Martini which was easy and delicious) they are also occasionally offering “specials” - for example the Victory Fizz created in partnership with Mr Lyan that they released for VE Day.