See you next year - October 2021
London Cocktail Week

How do the Cocktail Tours work?

For those coming into Central London and taking part on our self-guided Cocktail Tours - they are running much the same as all previous years - which means £6 cocktails in London's very finest bars!

Each bar on our list has been carefully cherry-picked for their excellence and also their commitment to your safety. We invite each bar to put forward three mixed drinks - a £6 Signature Serve that the bar feels truly represents them. A £6 lower-ABV Signature Serve for those that are watching their units, or calories or just fancy something a little lighter. While there’s no formal classification for ‘lower-ABV’ we do check recipes and quantities before these drinks make the list. A bar may also put forward a £4 no-ABV cocktail for those guests that choose to abstain for any reason. 

To be part of the festival and to take advantage of the discounted Signature Serves in all the venues on our list you will need a Festival Wristband.

  • Once in your chosen venue, flash the pass, you immediately qualify for a £6/£4 Signature Serve. 
  • You can visit as many bars on our list over the MONTH as you choose (responsibly of course) and unless a bar stipulates - you may have as many of their Signature Serves as you choose (again - within reason!). 
  • Everyone in your group must have a Festival Pass - you can’t buy rounds with just one pass. 
  • We encourage our bar partners not to add service charge to your bill - though let’s be honest - it’s been a tough year. If you fancied tipping, we know they’d be grateful. 
  • If you’re looking for a specific type of bar or a specific spirit in the Signature Serves - you can do this on our website. Just search by type of bar, area of London or spirit type OR if it’s getting late - use the OPEN NOW toggle to make sure the venue you want to visit next is still serving. 
  • If a venue isn’t serving what they’ve said they would - please just drop us a note… We can fix things really easily if we know about them - we’re always delighted to hear feedback - just email [email protected] and we’ll come back to you ASAP (though not if it’s the middle of the night!)

Our Cocktail Tours are designed to introduce you to new bars, spirits or cocktails all across London. Every venue on our list is there because we enjoy being there too. This year - you have even longer to explore and to take advantage of the £6 Signature Serve offer - so get out and get exploring!