13 - 23 October 2022

Our 2021 Covid-19 Statement

In 2020, 98% of attendees said that London Cocktail Week felt like a Covid-safe way to explore the city and we’re committed to ensuring this level of confidence once again!

The safety of our guests - and avoidance of ANY more lockdowns - is very very important to us at London Cocktail Week. The festival continues to offer one of the safest ways to socialise this year, as everything can be taken completely at your own pace! 


Once again, we will be working closely with all necessary authorities to ensure any venue we partner with meets a set of required standards. Our wristbands are fully sanitizable (and also happen to be made from recycled materials!). 


Due to popular demand - London Cocktail Week will run for an entire month for the second year running! With 96% of our guests surveyed after the event asking for it to stay extended - how could we refuse?! The extended dates give plenty of time for people to get round more bars they’d like to visit - even if capacity is limited - and also gives us the chance to celebrate and support London’s cocktail scene for even longer! Win win! 


However, we have made the difficult decision to not run The Cocktail Village again this year. On top of the safety considerations - the bars of London still really need footfall. By creating a huge Cocktail Village in the heart of the city, we would be diverting customers and support away from these bars, for whom every guest counts and could be the difference between some bartenders keeping their jobs or not. But the spirit of the Cocktail Village will be alive and well within the bars, with a whole series of immersive pop-ups, takeovers and events happening across town! 


When it comes to visiting the bars on The Cocktail Tours, a lot more venues are running a reservation-only system and we’ve clearly stated this on the website. However even bars that accept walk-ins may be busy - and most are grateful for reservations - so it’s worth planning ahead and booking where possible - especially if you're looking for a more physically distanced night out! Phone numbers and websites are provided within our site. 

(But please - if you make a reservation, make sure you cancel it if you can no longer make it or let the bar know if you're running late). 

And we completely understand that for some of you - the way that you socialise has really changed. So for anyone who just doesn’t fancy going out, we’re bringing back London Cocktail Week At Home for a second year, in partnership with The Drinks Drop - £7 drinks delivered to your door nationwide!


Just to say from all of us - thank you for taking your and our safety seriously, and we hope you have the most wonderful time making Every Cocktail Count!