12 - 22 OCTOBER 2023

2022 EVENT

Official Trade Opening Party - Hendrick's X Silverleaf X Nutmeg & Clove X Mo Bar X Panda & Sons X Trisoux


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What to expect...


Prepare to submerge into the deepest depths at The Hendrick’s Secret Emporium of Underwater Delights, the official late night trade opening party of London Cocktail Week!


This spectacular opening party will take the curious to the deepest depths of the wondrous sea, with an enchanting dive into the mysterious world of sea-inspired Hendrick’s Neptunia.


Some of the best loved bars from across the globe will be taking over, with tasty tipples created by Panda & Sons from Scotland, Trisoux bar from Germany and Nutmeg & Clove and Mo Bar from Singapore. These award-winning bars will take you on their own sail awash with delight and poetic cocktails. 


With moments for both self-discovery and sublime pleasure, your enchanting journey awaits – and be sure to tip the beauty herself, Neptunia, on your way out – she may just have a tip for you too…



Over 18’s only. Guestlist registry is necessary, wetsuits are not! All drinks £7.

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