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26 OCT

Lush Life Book Club - 26 OCT


Susan Schwartz, of A Lush Life Manual and Lush Life Podcast joins Oriole, Tanqueray and Ketel One for a weekly night of cocktail history, cocktail recipes and, most importantly, cocktail drinking.
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Oriole, E Poultry Avenue, London, EC1A 9LH (view on map)
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What to expect...

Cocktail books, both historic and contemporary, are being snapped up by food lovers, cocktail enthusiasts, and home bartenders. Tapping into this current cocktail “renaissance,” Lush Life will be live at Oriole, one of the best bars in the world, to launch the Lush Life Book Club. We’ll be dusting off these antique tomes and tearing open contemporary classics for an evening of cocktail history, cocktail recipes and, most importantly, cocktail drinking.

Susan L. Schwartz, the founder of Lush Life Podcast and A Lush Life Manual blog, will lead the discussion, along with the author(s) with a Q&A to follow. Upon arrival, you will be served a welcome cocktail courtesy of Tanqueray, and then free to enjoy one or more of the signature cocktails inspired by the author’s work.

October 26 - The Brand Ambassadors as Authors · Jason Clark - The Art and Craft of Coffee Cocktails · Pippa Guy - Let’s Get Fizzical Acting as Brand Ambassador for an iconic spirit is a full-time job. Adding another full-time job on top of that is almost impossible. Our two guests have done just that by creating and writing two esteemed, cocktail books. Our first author, Pippa Guy, Brand Ambassador of Tanqueray Gin, is author of Let’s Get Fizzical, an homage to our favourite bubbly cocktails. Jason Clark, Brand Ambassador of Talisker whisky, explores coffee as a cocktail ingredient in The Art and Craft of Coffee Cocktails. Cheers.

There's no need to book for this event, just show up on the day and let them know you're there for the Lush Life Book Club!

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