12 - 22 OCTOBER 2023

Be the first to discover Xin and Voltaire luxury cocktail sorbets this London Cocktail Week

Have you ever taken the first sip of a delicious cocktail and wanted to freeze the moment so it's at its best? Have you ever taken a bite of an ice cold sorbet and wished it packed just a little more punch? Xin and Voltaire have got the best of both worlds.

This London Cocktail Week, Xin and Voltaire are launching their collection of luxury cocktail sorbets in some of the capital's best bars and this is your chance to be among the first to try them. Everything you'd expect from the very best cocktails, with an unprecedented average of 8.3% ABV across the range (that’s a whole spirit measure in each serve!), these are sensual experiences you'll want to enjoy from the first bite to the last sip…