See you in October 2022

The Rémy Cointreau Classic Cocktail Trail

Set aside some time to re-discover some classic and modern classic cocktails, on the London Bridge Classic Cocktail Trail. With some of the world's best-known drinks available to try for the usual festival price of just £7, this is your chance to reacquaint yourself with a historic area of London and iconic classic cocktails.

Where else would you start this journey but with Passoa and the UK’s #1 cocktail the Porn Star Martini? Visit the rooftop terrace at Vinegar Yard and take part in the Wheel of Passion to discover your next destination!  Other classics to try during the month include The Botanist Martini at Bar 31, The Mount Gay Daiquiri at Bermondsey Larder, The Cointreau Margarita at Hay’s Galleria, The Metaxa Espresso Martini at Crol & Co and celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Sidecar with Rémy Martin 1738 at The Last Talisman.